Back 2 Basics: Foundation

Yep, that’s right, I have another Back 2 Basics for you guys. The last post talked about primers and their purpose. The next step in a beauty routine is typically foundation. At work, I feel like this is the one product that clients don’t know much about (and thats ok, there are hundreds to choose from and they all have a different purpose – it took me a long time to become familiar with all of the ones that we carry just in my store, and I’m at a smaller location). It seems as though people just choose a foundation based on what their friends recommend (which as we know, will only work out if your friend has the same skin as you) or buy and return foundations until they happen to find one they like. But trust me, I can make this process a lot easier and a lot less complicated.  Continue reading

Back 2 Basics: Primer

I’m going to try a thing. I know I’ve been super inconsistent with my posts (blog and Instagram) and I want to try to develop a routine, so I’m going to try to promise at least one post per week. My first idea to bring some consistency to the blog is starting a ‘Back 2 Basics’ collection kind of thing where I’ll go through each type of makeup product and offer tips and suggest some products that I recommend for each skin type – that sort of thing. So the very first thing I’ll be talking about is primers. Continue reading

This one’s for you, Grandma

No for real, my grandma asked me to make this post. And what grandma wants, grandma gets. But honestly, I feel like a lot of beauty blogs neglect to talk about mature skin and some of the issues these clients can face. And I understand that the younger clientele are the ones that typically look for guidance on these blogs, but there are tons of older clients out there that want advice too! So today I’ll dedicate this one to all of my mature readers that are looking to feel beautiful but can’t find any posts on the internet for their skin.  Continue reading

Let Me Tell You Somethin’ About Prom Season

If you read my ‘About’ page, you know I got into makeup because of a disastrous prom makeup incident. Because of that, prom season is a stressful time for me even though I am far past graduated. It’s stressful for me because I don’t want other girls to wind up in my situation, which was crying in my bedroom 20 minutes before pictures, wondering how I was supposed to fix that black eyeshadow mess. My incident was half my fault, and half my makeup artist’s fault. So, let me offer you some pointers to ensure your prom makeup (or makeup for any event, for that matter) goes as smoothly as possible: Continue reading

My Go-To Products

Okay…so…I know I fell off the face of the earth for a minute…But I’m back and I’m ready to get back into the blog. Exams crushed me but it’s over now and I can focus on the blog and my makeup Instagram account! My last skincare post talked about my favourite skincare items and my skin routine, so now I’ll do the same thing for my makeup routine. Continue reading

My Skin n Stuff

My first post discussed skin, and hopefully by now you have an idea of what your skin type is. No skin type is better than another, every skin type has their pros and cons, and every skin concern can be corrected via the right skincare. I thought I would share my skincare routine with you and how it has evolved over the years. This might be a longer post so get a snack. Just as a disclaimer, this is what works for my skin, and what works for me may not work for you. 
Continue reading

Faux Frecks

Today I’m going to spill the tea on my secrets to faux freckles. They’re a trend I have seen all over social media, and it took me a while to figure out how to make them look as natural and real as possible. If you already have real freckles, I envy you, don’t ever cover them up. But after perfecting my technique, some clients have asked if they’re real and I always get asked how I do them. I’ve tried eyeshadow, dipbrow, eyeliner, and everything in between. But then I finally found the best product to achieve a natural, freckled face… Continue reading


Let’s talk about chemicals. Hyaluronic acid is a chemical found in the body that holds moisture – 1000x it’s own weight in moisture to be exact. It’s my favourite chemical. And yes, that’s right, I have a favourite chemical. It keeps the skin firm, plump, and hydrated but as we age, our amount of natural hyaluronic decreases. That’s when our skin starts to look dull, dehydrated, and fine lines and wrinkles make their way into our lives. These signs of aging are natural, but not to fear, we can combat aging with our skincare.  Continue reading

“Why Doesn’t My Face Look Like the Tutorial?”

We’re taking a trip back to junior kindergarten where we learned about shapes. Let me ask you something: have you ever been following along with a YouTube makeup tutorial or just generally tried recreating a look on yourself and you ended up looking like literal scum despite the fact that you followed every. single. step. and even went out and bought that $67 contour palette to ensure you looked the same as the tutorial? Yeah me too. And thats when I learned about the magical world of face and eye shapes. Continue reading