We’re taking a trip back to junior kindergarten where we learned about shapes. Let me ask you something: have you ever been following along with a YouTube makeup tutorial or just generally tried recreating a look on yourself and you ended up looking like literal scum despite the fact that you followed every. single. step. and even went out and bought that $67 contour palette to ensure you looked the same as the tutorial? Yeah me too. And thats when I learned about the magical world of face and eye shapes. There is an infinite number of face shapes out there, but we can narrow it down to 5: oval, long, round, square, and heart.


There are also plenty of different eye shapes, but again, we can narrow it down to monolid, upturned, downturned, hooded, round, and almond.


Take a second now to figure out your face and eye shape. You might not realize it, but the reason those tutorials don’t always work out for you is because you might have an oval face, but the beauty guru is doing makeup according to her heart-shaped face. And trust me when I say doing makeup according to your own face/eye shape makes a huge difference. Knowing your shapes can be the difference between a beautiful smokey eye and a black mess that looks like you got sucker punched in the eye at the bar last week. Now, try looking up tutorials for your specific face and eye shape. There are tons of videos out there that will offer tips and tricks to compliment your shapes instead of trying to recreate the same look as someone who does not have the same structure as you. Embrace whatever shapes you have and accentuate them with the proper makeup.

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