Today I’m going to spill the tea on my secrets to faux freckles. They’re a trend I have seen all over social media, and it took me a while to figure out how to make them look as natural and real as possible. If you already have real freckles, I envy you, don’t ever cover them up. But after perfecting my technique, some clients have asked if they’re real and I always get asked how I do them. I’ve tried eyeshadow, dipbrow, eyeliner, and everything in between. But then I finally found the best product to achieve a natural, freckled face…self tanner. That’s right, self tanner is what I use to achieve my faux freckles. And the best thing about using a self tanner to do them is after you take your makeup off, they leave a stain (or a tan) where you placed them, so you can have freckles even when you’re not wearing any makeup!

This is what my freckles usually turn out like. Sometimes I’ll do more, sometimes less, but the freckles you see here are all fake. Sorry I look like an actual sociopath in that picture. But anyway…
I use Benefit Hoola self tanner, Tarte self tanner, and a pointed liner brush to do these. I first put down a generous layer of freckles with the Hoola self tanner and tap them into my skin with my finger. I use this one first because it’s a little more warm toned so it looks like I was out in the sun like a normal human being when in reality I’d been in bed all day binge watching Riverdale and wondering when the last time I took a shower was…………and then I use the Tarte self tanner to do some ‘accent’ freckles – they’re the darker ones you see that are more prominent. Now you might be wondering “Paige, in what hell would I go out and buy two giant bottles of self tanner just to put freckles on my face?” Well that’s a good question, and you know damn well I didn’t do that. Go into any Sephora that carries these self tanners and ask for a sample jar of each. It’ll last you months. And the reason I suggest getting a sample of two self tanners is because not all freckles are the same colour – some are darker, some are lighter, some are warm-toned, some are cool-toned. I find these two tanners to be a good combination for my skin tone.
When doing the actual freckles, my first tip is getting a good brush. Any pointed liner brush or a very fine-tipped pencil brush will do. I like the Sephora bent liner #23 or the Tarte Etch and Sketch double ended liner brush. They’re stiff enough that you can poke your face without the brush bristles splaying out, if you know what I mean. Next, don’t be precise. Just dot around your face in a mostly reckless manner. Real freckles aren’t precise. You can look up reference pictures of real freckles if that helps. My final tip is to remember to put some on the forehead and chin/jawline – I typically put less in these areas, but generally just make sure there are some random dots placed all over the skin instead of just the nose and cheeks. After you’re happy with the amount of freckles you have, you can even use whatever is leftover on your foundation brush and tap over your skin to make it look like the freckles are underneath your makeup peeking through.
So thats it, thats how I achieve the most natural looking freckles. Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes, and try mixing and matching different tan colours or even different products to get the look you’re going for!
Until next time,