Okay…so…I know I fell off the face of the earth for a minute…But I’m back and I’m ready to get back into the blog. Exams crushed me but it’s over now and I can focus on the blog and my makeup Instagram account! My last skincare post talked about my favourite skincare items and my skin routine, so now I’ll do the same thing for my makeup routine. Now keep in mind that, unlike my skincare routine, my makeup switches every day and I’m constantly trying new products. This post will be about my basic products that I go to every day and that I might use on an every-day basis for an every-day look. And just like my last post, I’ll disclaim that these products work for me and my normal skin – these might not work for you but if you do have normal skin like me, give them a try and see how it goes!
So my “basic” routine includes: primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, highlight, brows, eyeshadow, liner, lashes, and lips. Now to some people I know that might seem like a lot, but I am a makeup artist and I work at Sephora, what do you want from me?

Primer: I have two primers that I always grab for amongst the pile, and those are the First Aid Beauty Coconut Smoothie primer, and the Too Faced Hangover primer. A tip to try: mix your NON-SILICONE BASED primers in with your foundation (both of the primers I mentioned are non-silicone based). I find that doing this not only saves me time, but makes the foundation glide on really smoothly. 
Foundation: I have been loving a more sheer, natural foundation look lately and to achieve that I use the Smashbox BB Water. It gives just enough coverage to correct discolouration, but still allows your skin to peek through. For a fuller coverage look, I have been using the Lancome Teint Idole 24h foundation. It feels lightweight but the coverage is impeccable (5 points for that fancy word).
Concealer: NARS radiant creamy concealer. That’s it, that’s all. If I ever use anything different, call the cops.
Powder: Kat Von D translucent powder. That’s it, that’s all. If I ever use anything different, call the cops. No but honestly, this stuff is amazing to bake my under-eye.
Blush: Ever since I got my hands on the Too Faced Sweet Peach blush, I have not been able to put it down. It’s such a universal colour and compliments every skin tone. But, I have also been trying to switch over to a completely cream-based complexion and I am living for the Milk cream blush in the shade ‘Perk’.
Bronzer: 5 words: Benefit. Hoola. Cream. Bronzer. Stick. It blends like a dream and looks like a natural sun-kissed tan.
Highlight: I tend to layer my highlights, and my favourite go-to combination is Colourpop’s cream highlight in ‘Flexitarian’ and a generous amount of Becca’s ‘Pearl’. Sometimes I add a touch of Benefit’s Dandelion Twinkle if I’m feeling frisky.
Brows: Anastasia dipbrow gets me through the day. If I could have one makeup item, it would be this. Brows define the face and bring everything together.
Eyeshadow: If I have to make a guess, I probably have about 5043 eyeshadow palettes, but my favourite ones are the Too Faced Peach palette, the Anastasia Modern Renaissance, and the individual shadows from Makeup Geek that I have in a z-palette.
Liner: For a long time I was hooked on Too Faced Sketch Marker liners, but I randomly tried Tarte’s Amazonian Clay liner and I was obsessed.
Lashes: I don’t feel like my face is complete without false lashes, and my favourite are the Ardell demi-wispies. I do apply mascara before my false lashes, and for that I use L’Oreal Million lashes mascara.
Lips: I have a ridiculous amount of lipsticks, but I always tend to gravitate for any of the following: Colourpop Ultra Matte lip in ‘Chili Chili’ or ‘Beeper’, Colourpop sheer lippie in ‘Kiddo’, Huda Beauty’s liquid lip in ‘Trendsetter’, or Benefit’s Double the Lip lipstick in ‘Lusty Rose’.

So again, this might seem like a lot, but everyone is different and everyone prefers a different amount of makeup. You can feel free to add more steps or take away steps, and that’s completely okay. And realistically, although this is a lengthy list, once it is applied to the face it doesn’t look like much on a day-to-day basis. Just a fresher version of myself. But anyway, that’s the stuff I slap on my face every day. I’m going to be more consistent with the blog now that I have nothing to do. Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to hear about and I’ll be happy to write about it.

Until next time.

Note: not all of the products that I mentioned are pictured here. I just chose a few, but you can search the other products online if you are interested.