This is going to be a short post talking a little bit about freelance makeup artistry and some tips and tricks that I have learned! A friend of mine, Hondrea (@hondrea on Instagram and Hondrea Nicole on YouTube) made a video about this and I figured I would put my two cents in on this topic as well. So if you’ve been thinking about freelancing or you are new to the industry, hangout with me (please I’m begging you) and let me share my thoughts.
Let me start off by saying that, ironically enough, I don’t freelance. But wait, don’t exit the page yet. I have done a number of freelance jobs in my makeup career and I have picked up some tips and tricks from those experiences. I also just have some general knowledge from Sephora that can be applied to freelancing.

  1. The first tip, and one that Hondrea talked about in her video as well, is hygiene. Hygiene is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so important when applying makeup whether it is at a makeup counter, at a freelance job, or just messing around with makeup on your friends. Do you know how easy it is to get an eye infection? Let me tell you…SO EASY. Not only does hygiene make for a safe application to your client, it also makes you seem a lot more professional. Now when I say hygiene I’m talking clean brushes, clean hands, clean surface, clean products (inside and out…nobody wants a crusty looking foundation bottle sitting in front of them. Make your products aesthetically pleasing!), and most importantly hygenic disposable makeup wands for lips and mascara. Even if you already cleaned your products and brushes, ensure your client knows that you did by letting them know or re-sanitizing that blush right in front of them with a kleenex.
  2. Building a kit is the hardest part of freelancing, mostly when it comes to skincare and foundations/concealers. The problem with this is it can get rather pricey. Think about it – you need skincare for all skin types, and foundations/concealers for all skin tones…that’s a lot of stuff. Ah, the perfect segway for tip #2 – buy multi-use or multi-function products. When it comes to skincare, get products that are good for all skin types and sensitive skin. A basic toner, serum, and moisturizer are all you really need and those are easy to find in the world of ‘good for all skin types’. As you advance, you may get products that are specific to certain skin and that is great! But as a beginner, grab things that will work for everyone. When it comes to foundation and concealer, a good tip is to mix colours. Unless a client plans to buy a certain foundation shade off of you (which is rare and unlikely), they won’t care if you have to mix two or three to get their perfect shade. You could buy one really light foundation, one really dark foundation, and one medium skin toned foundation and mix those, or get a cheap cream foundation palette (RCMA Makeup VK palette – $72 but you get 18 shades that you can mix and match). Another option that is slightly more expensive but is the coolest and most versatile option in my opinion is buying two or three shades of foundation and then also purchase the Makeup Forever Chromatic Mix liquid pigments. Let me drop a bomb on you about this product real quick because they blow my mind every time. I’ll start off by saying that a foundation is made up of a cream/liquid base, and then white, black, brown yellow, blue, and/or red pigment is added to create the desire shade. The Makeup Forever drops come in in each of those 6 shades: white, black, brown, yellow, blue, and red. You can basically make your own foundation. You can add these colours to a moisturizer or other cream base and create a completely unique shade for your client, or you can add the colours to an existing foundation to make it lighter (white), darker (black or brown), more cool toned (blue), or more warm toned (yellow and red). The possibilities are endless. 
  3. Being prepared before the appointment will save a lot of time, energy, and product in the long run. Ask your client for inspiration pictures of what they want done and, if you’ve never met your client before, ask for pictures of their face as well so you know what you’re working with. Prepare your products and hygiene as well – go over each step of the makeup process and ensure you have those products in your kit ready to go, along with hygiene supplies such as sanitizer, kleenex, cotton rounds, q-tips, and application wands. A bottle of fast drying brush spray is also a good idea just in case a brush is dipped into the wrong product and you need a quick clean.
  4. This tip might sound a little weird and some people might not agree with it, but here it is anyway because I believe in it: don’t be afraid to turn down clients. Now, I say this meaning if your client wants a very specific look and they are dead set on it but you are not sure if you can pull it off. I would much rather have a makeup artist tell me someone else might do a better job instead of paying them, having them try it, and have it not work out (…see my “About the Idiot” page for the reason I believe so strongly in using this tip).
  5. Have fun and be personable with your client! There is nothing more uncomfortable than sitting in a chair for 45 minutes to an hour while someone is up-close and personal in your face doing your makeup and not one word is said. Ask them where they are going or why they are getting their makeup done, ask about their own makeup or skincare habits, ask about their favourite brands and products…hell, talk about the weather if it gets to that point. Make your client feel like your friend. This will have them coming back to you the next time they need their makeup done and they’ll probably recommend you to their friends as well.

So, there are my 5 tips for any freelance beginner. Freelancing is such a good way to build a reputation for yourself and your artistry. It can be intimidating trying to make a name for yourself, but once you start building a clientele it only gets better from there. Good luck and I hope these tips helped! Show the idiot some love and subscribe to the blog using the link at the bottom of the page 💕
Until next time,