The Movers Guide To Makeup

Hi family, how’s it going? You might have noticed I haven’t posted in a while and that’s because I was busy getting absolutely Wrecked™ by exams. Oh and also…I MOVED! Yes, that’s right, I moved from my small, broken, one-level student apartment into a big-girl house. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m obsessed with it but if you’ve ever moved homes, you know how much of a hassle it is. You also know how much it sucks to pack up those last few items that you use every day like toiletries, plates and bowls, toothbrushes, and makeup. You use these things every day and suddenly they’re packed away in the bottom of a sea of boxes! Today we’re talking about how to minimize your makeup routine to just 5 products (yes that’s right, 5) so that you can pack up the rest of the collection and have a small bag of products to use as you unpack over the next few days. This post can also be generalized to travelling with makeup, or just minimizing a makeup routine in general.

1. Foundation: self-explanatory. If you have particularly good skin, you can even omit this product and carry just 4 products. But, if you’re like me and had hormonal and stress-induced texture and breakouts all over your skin from the thought of packing all your belongings and hauling them across town, yeah, foundation is probably going to be useful.
2. Concealer: procrastinate packing and then box up an entire apartment overnight. Use concealer to hide those dark circles and give the illusion you gradually packed everything across the last few weeks like an actual adult with time management skills.
3. Bronzer: eat literally nothing but Harvey’s and Pita Pit for 7 days straight because you refused to buy any groceries before moving out. Use bronzer to give colour to your lifeless skin that is begging you to eat a vegetable. Throw the same bronzer over the eyes as an eyeshadow.
4. Mascara: mascara is like making your bed; everything else can look like shit but if your bed is made, it makes the whole room look cleaner. Mascara opens up the eyes and distracts people from the fact that you slept on the floor last night because your bed is in the back of a moving van.
5. Brow gel: either clear or tinted, brow gel will set your brows in place and make it look like your makeup routine took a lot more than 5 products that were thrown into an old Ipsy bag you found in the back of your closet while packing (overnight).

I know this was a short one, but my body is still recovering from very little sleep and hauling boxes and furniture twice my size into the house for 2 days in a row. I’ll be back with something juicy to make up for this shitpost (which wasn’t even an original idea, shout out to Kristen for suggesting this topic).

Until next time,

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