About The Idiot

Hi I’m Paige, the real name behind that makeup idiot. I’ll start off by saying this blog is the worst idea I’ve ever had. Not because I don’t want to do it, but because I don’t know anything about blogs or how to write one. So we’ll see how this goes. There will probably be a lot of profanity. Anyway, I’m a 20-year old psychology student just living my life. I guess I should talk about my makeup experience now, considering this is a beauty blog. I’ve always been interested in makeup. I’ve always loved the idea of it and being able to be creative on my face. The only problem was I wasn’t very good at it. As a small child I started with drugstore stuff. You know the products I’m talking about: Almay foundation, Maybelline Great Lash mascara, Hard Candy blush that was too pink for my skintone, and those fucking sponge-tip eyeshadow applicators. I tried my best but nothing ever turned out that great. Fast forward a few years and it’s my prom night – A.K.A the day I had my makeup epiphany. I went to a salon to have my makeup done for prom. It was my worst nightmare. Imagine what a panda looks like. Now imagine what a panda would look like with a grey contour. Now imagine what a panda would look like with a grey contour and a lipstick the same shade as my foundation. Now imagine that, but 10x worse and with a bees nest of a hairdo to match. And now we have a perfect representation of what that makeup artist thought I should look like on my prom day. It was at that moment that I really found my passion for makeup and genuinely started to learn about it and purchase some higher-end products so that I never had to look like that again. About a year later, I got a temporary seasonal position at Sephora. I was supposed to work there from October to February as an extra hand in the holiday months. When February came around I was expecting to be told when my last day was, but I think I actually peed my pants when they asked me to stay as a permanent cast member. I took my time and thought about my options (and by that I mean I said yes immediately before my manager even finished her sentence) and I’ve been advancing in my artistry and my skills ever since. So here I am. I’m starting this blog to help out others that want to learn more about this industry and community, and to share my tips and tricks. And who knows, maybe I’ll save some young girl from a makeup disaster on her prom day too.